Pierre-François Dollé


Pierre-François Dollé

Choreographer, show designer and dancer, I’m specialized in ancient dances.
I founded the company HéliosKine which explores a contemporary vision of these historical materials.

An overview of my work

Te Deum, Marc-Antoine Charpentier


In my creations, I seek to surprise the audience and to arouse unforgettable emotions. With a great facility to work in team, I adapt my choreographies to the stakes of the project! (Clic!)


I have had the chance to practice many styles of dance, from classical ballet to musicals, from contemporary dance to Parisian cabarets… For more than 15 years, I have specialized in ancient dances. (Clic!)


Ancient dances are history. It is sometimes necessary to go back to the sources to be faithful to them… but also to free oneself from them. (Clic!)


To transmit know-how is very important for me, whether it is during a ball or in the more educational framework of a school project… (Clic!)

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Pierre-François Dollé